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Joel Harrison-Off in the Rouge

Sights & Sites: Joel Harrison-Off

Joel Harrison-Off is a Forest Health Care Inspector for the City of Toronto. He has been a Canoe Ranger in Algonquin Park, a tree planter in North... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Peg Thoen

Peg Thoen spends her days working downtown in the RBC HR Group. For the past 13 years she's been leading the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat Stewardship team, and is... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Jessica Iraci

Jessica Iraci is originally from Buffalo, NY and decided to move to Toronto for her post-secondary education. She graduated from the University of Toronto... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Sheila R. Colla

Sheila Colla has lived in Toronto her whole life. She is currently an Assistant Professor at York University in the Faculty of Environmental Studies where... [read more]
Charles Bruce-Thompson

Sights & Sites: Charles Bruce-Thompson

Bruce is Vice President of the Toronto Field Naturalists, a member of the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve Stewardship Team, and a... [read more]
Andrew Strachan

Sights & Sites: Andrew Strachan

Andrew is past President of Friends of the Don East, has run as a Green Party candidate in three elections, and works as a copywriter at a major... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Ronn Stevenson

Ronn is Neighbourhood Manager at Project Neutral, Workshop Facilitator at TREC Education, and a passionate member of the Friends of Glen Stewart Park... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Abbey

Abbey is an Earth Ranger, member of the Toronto Field Naturalists and her school's Eco Club, and has been participating in stewardship events across the city since she... [read more]