Altona Forest

Altona Forest Trail System

Altona Forest is one of the most varied and interesting natural spaces to be found in the GTA. It is also one of the most accessible, in no small part due to the outstanding interpretive trail system it supports.

Wandering the forest, visitors encounter some forty numbered sign posts, the first of which can be found at the trail head off of Strouds Lane, near St. Elizabeth Seton School. Each post maps a specific location to information found in Altona's published hiking trail guide, which offers fascinating insights on that area's natural heritage and local history. Learn about the Dr. J. Murray Speirs Ecological Reserve at post #4, the source of the Rosebank Tributary at post #11, or the "farmer's rock pile" at post #26, amongst many other noteworthy features.

I wish that more of our ravines and forests offered this kind of self-guided, just-in-time information. Guides like this educate and inspire visitors, and help them to better understand the remarkable wilderness they have come to enjoy. They cultivate appreciation of these spaces and encourage responsible use. And in the end, it is our understanding and appreciation that these areas depend on the most for their continued survival.

Grab yourself a copy of the Guide to Altona Forest Hiking Trails, and go see what you can discover!

Posted on: July 3, 2015