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Andrew Strachan

Sights & Sites: Andrew Strachan

Andrew is past President of Friends of the Don East, has run as a Green Party candidate in three elections, and works as a copywriter at a major international advertising agency. I asked him the question: What is the... [read more]

Sights & Sites: Ronn Stevenson

Ronn is Neighbourhood Manager at Project Neutral, Workshop Facilitator at TREC Education, and a passionate member of the Friends of Glen Stewart Park Ravine. I asked him the question: What is the most interesting,... [read more]
Location: Glen Stewart

Altona Forest Trail System

Altona Forest is one of the most varied and interesting natural spaces to be found in the GTA. It is also one of the most accessible, in no small part due to the outstanding interpretive trail system it supports.... [read more]
Location: Altona Forest

Sights & Sites: Abbey

Abbey is an Earth Ranger, member of the Toronto Field Naturalists and her school's Eco Club, and has been participating in stewardship events across the city since she was 4. Oh, and she's my daughter. I asked her... [read more]
Location: Gates Gully

Redwood Romance

On the morning of June 20th, 2015, I wandered into Edwards Garden as the dew still lingered on the grass, in search of the shot above. The tree is a metasequoia (dawn redwood), one of the few deciduous conifers, and a... [read more]

Slab City

City workers and local stewards call it "Slab City," a discarded collection of concrete and rebar scattered along two-hundred meters of land by the banks of the Don River in Cottonwood Flats. While the mass of rubble... [read more]

Duncan Mills Ruins

On the eastern side of the small bridge that carries Duncan Mills Rd. over the East Don River there's a small path heading north that leads to an intriguing mystery. Hardly a couple hundred meters from the road you'll... [read more]

Secrets of the shed

On the southern edge of the Home Garden area of the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat, you may notice a large concrete shed perched near the side of the path leading out to Marine Parade Dr. Sheds like these are often... [read more]