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High Water Mark

A delightful surprise awaits folks who wander the East Don Trail through the Charles Sauriol Conservation Reserve. Nestled under a railway bridge found between Lawrence Ave. E. and Eglinton Ave. E. lies High Water Mark... [read more]

The case of the missing maple

Thanks to ongoing restoration efforts that started around 2002, the Beechwood Wetland now thrives along the side of the Lower Don Recreational Trail near Beechwood Dr. At the southern tip of the site, surrounded by a... [read more]

Escott Reid Walk

For many, a visit to Glendon Forest often begins at the southern trailhead, located in Sunnybrook Park just west of the stables. But there are several other ways in and out of the forest, particularly if you're willing... [read more]
Location: Glendon Forest

Westwood Comes Planting

Natural areas like the Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve suffer under the vicious pressures of urbanity without some level of human stewardship. Irresponsible use, invasive species, erosion, pollution, encroachment,... [read more]

Don't tread on me!

Soil erosion is a monumental problem throughout our ravines and forests. Runoff from neighbouring streets and buildings tears down slopes, washing away dirt and debris as it goes. Human and animal traffic bullies the... [read more]

Gone, but not forgotten

Over the last few years, major reconstruction efforts in Glen Stewart Ravine have seen to a significant transformation of this outstanding tract of Toronto's wilds. On a recent visit, I was suddenly reminded of the... [read more]
Location: Glen Stewart

Trees Across Toronto 2015

Each year, thousands of Torontonians participate in Trees Across Toronto, the City's flagship community stewardship event, aimed at growing our canopy and renaturalizing new areas of our city. This year, the focus was... [read more]

The Steamship Alexandria

Roughly three-hundred meters north of where the Doris McCarthy trail exits Gates Gully onto the shore of Lake Ontario, a small semi-circular lookout faces the one-hundred year old wreck of the steamship Alexandria, the... [read more]
Location: Gates Gully