Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat

Secrets of the shed

On the southern edge of the Home Garden area of the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat, you may notice a large concrete shed perched near the side of the path leading out to Marine Parade Dr. Sheds like these are often deployed by the City to house routine maintenance equipment - what makes this one unique is its kaleidoscope of spray-painted butterflies.

Several years ago, the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat Stewardship Team considered the shed a bit of a mystery. It was also an eye-sore, its boxy demeanor and often-tagged surfaces an imposition on the natural beauty the stewards worked so hard to preserve and enhance. After reaching out to their local city councilor, the team learned the structure belonged to city waterworks, and received permission to beautify it as they saw fit. Team leader, Peg Thoen, soon bought an assortment of spray paint, crafted some stencils, and set the stewards to work. The end result has not only added a little aesthetic flare to the park, it's also proven to greatly reduce ongoing problems with graffiti.

The team may opt to further enhance the shed this year, and may even reach out to the local community in hopes of eventually unveiling something with more determined artistic merit. Whatever the final product, here's hoping the shed will continue to form part of the unique character of the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat, and bring a few smiles to those who pass by it.

Posted on: June 3, 2015